August 2015 Update


In this issue: Eat much kelp? SeaDoc honors environmental reporter Christopher Dunagan, SeaDoc celebrates 15 years of success, a boy and his dog clean a beach and inspire thousands. … [Read more...]

July 2015 Update

diver by pete naylor

In this issue: Divers needed for economic impact study, SeaDoc presents on Marine Protected Areas to federal committee, 7 year old scientist does oil spill study, interns arrive, Salish Sea book talk video, snuggle up with sharks. … [Read more...]

SCUBA Divers: help us understand the economic impact of recreational diving in Washington State

puget sound

The SeaDoc Society is interested in better understanding the values and perspectives of SCUBA in Washington State and the economic impacts it provides. Take the survey While diving conditions may not resemble those of the tropics, Washington State provides some of the most spectacular diving in the United States. The flora and fauna and seafloor topography of this area are sensational. However, there is little, if any, information regarding the economic impacts that this recreational sector provides the state of Washington. This survey is designed to ask pertinent questions … [Read more...]

SeaDoc presents to Federal Marine Protected Areas Committee


On June 3, 2015, in Tacoma, Washington, SeaDoc Society Board Chair Dr. Leslie Dierauf shared the mission, goals, and achievements of SeaDoc’s Salish Sea program with the U. S. Federal Advisory Committee on Marine Protected Areas at its annual meeting. Comprised of citizens with diverse marine environmental expertise from private and public sectors, the 20-person advisory committee was chartered by presidential Executive Order in 2000 to advise the Secretaries of Interior and Commerce on issues concerning a national system of marine protected areas and other matters relating to place-based … [Read more...]

June 2015 update

scoter by peggy cadigan

In this issue: SeaDoc honored by WDFW, World Oceans Day June 8, Monthly giving, analysis of voter initiative 1401, new videos on shorebirds and tides, Wine and Sea Auction, cruise the San Juan Islands with Joe Gaydos and Audrey Benedict. … [Read more...]

WA State voter Initiative No. 1401

by Alastair Rae flickr cc

We at SeaDoc have spent some time studying Washington State's proposed voter Initiative, Measure No. 1401. This Initiative is designed to increase Washington State's capacity to prosecute people for the intrastate trafficking of endangered species parts. There is already a federal mechanism for doing this, but this Initiative is proposed to strengthen our State's ability to address this issue. SeaDoc took the time to look at this proposed voter Initiative (signatures are currently being collected to put it on the fall ballot) because multiple species of marine turtles, sharks and rays are … [Read more...]

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Tracking “Leo Henderson,” a Steller sea lion pup

Leo Henderson makes a dash for the water. Photo by Robin Lindsey

What do we learn from stranded marine mammals - and from tracking them after they are rehabilitated and released? In short, a lot! Over the past few months, SeaDoc partnered with multiple other organizations to help a young Steller sea lion pup that stranded off the coast of Washington State. The effort has required complicated decisions about how to best provide care and release the animal back into the wild. Steller sea lion pups nurse for about a year and have been known to stay with their mothers for up to three years. This pup stranded at about 4 months old. It was initially … [Read more...]

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GiveBIG to SeaDoc on May 5

give big 2015

You're awesome! Thanks for jumping in to the biggest one-day giving event in the Pacific Northwest and making a BIG impact on the health of the Salish Sea! On Tuesday, May 5 (and not before!) make a secure donation to the SeaDoc Society with this link: Your donation will be stretched by the partial challenge match from The Seattle Foundation. Plus every donation has a chance to be one of 5 Golden Tickets, which earns you a cool gift card and automatically earns SeaDoc an extra $1000, donated by the Seattle Foundation. … [Read more...]

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SeaDoc killer whale stranding research referenced for Northern California stranding

In April 2015 a dead male orca stranded near Fort Bragg, California. In an article about the stranding, the Lost Coast Outpost referred to the rarity of finding dead orcas. "A 2013 study analyzing North Pacific killer-whale strandings back to 1925 noted that, "while orcas are some of the most widely distributed whales on Earth, very few dead ones are ever found." That 2013 study is our Spatial and temporal analysis of killer whale (Orcinus orca) strandings in the North Pacific Ocean and the benefits of a coordinated stranding response protocol, published in Marine Mammal Science. Here's … [Read more...]