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  • January 2015 update

    Bull kelp

    In this issue: New project to investigate toxins in edible seaweeds, tufted puffin listing progress, thank you to donors and supporters, Seattle Aquarium octopus census, marine science lecture update …

  • December 2014 Update


    In this issue: SeaDoc helps tie a virus to sea star wasting disease; Holiday giving made easy; Money talks: new project to study economic benefits of no-take marine reserves; Two new Science Advisors join SeaDoc; Kit Rawson on salmon recovery successes …

  • November 2014 Update

    by jared towers

    In this issue: Avoid the rush – order your Salish Sea book now; What’s a 50+ year old bird band doing on an Eastsound beach? Sea star wasting disease update; How do we reduce the effects of plastic pollution on wildlife? SeaDoc welcomes two new board m …

  • October 2014 Update

    tufted puffin

    In this issue: annual subtidal dive monitoring yields early results, power to the puffins, marine science lecture by Paul Dayton, thanks to the people who make our lecture series possible, SeaDoc in the news for derelict gear recovery. …

  • September 2014 Update

    credit b hoglund

    In this issue: Rescuing sea lions entangled by packing straps, Federal funding for marine mammal stranding response, eelgrass science, new video explains Washington Tribes and salmon recovery, and thanks to our 2014 interns! …

  • August 2014 Update

    killer whales by ingrid taylar

    In this issue: Learning more about stranded killer whales, marine bird declines featured in the news, thank you for supporting SeaDoc at our auction, Salish Sea book is coming soon, join SeaDoc for a once-in-a-lifetime Salish Sea trip, slideshow on coa …

  • July 2014 Update


    In this issue: Why do harbor seals swim upside down when foraging? Scientists close in on sea star wasting disease. Marine mammal video for kids. Salish Sea Conservation in Focus trip. SeaDoc’s newest collaborator is 6 years old. Harbor porpoise strand …

  • June 2014 Update

    SeaDoc interns 2014

    In this issue: Video of coastal cutthroat trout, mapping the Pacific flyway, surprise donation from Orcas High School seniors, interns arrive for the summer, plus updates on mapping, killer whale research funding, and how UC Davis studies diseases and …

  • May 2014 Update

    Buff-breasted Sandpiper. Credit Asociacion Armonia, via US Fish and Wildlife Service

    In this issue: United States and Canada must work harder to stop ecoystem decay. GiveBIG is Tuesday, May 6. Salish Sea Science Prize goes to the Northwest Straits Foundation for their derelict fishing gear work. Scientists need to communicate better. M …

  • April 2014 update


    In this issue: Where have the Western grebes gone? GiveBIG is May 6. New videos from our Marine Science Lecture Series on prehistory, harbor porpoise, and derelict fishing gear. …

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