Scientific Advisors

The SeaDoc Society’s scientific advisors provide counsel on research priorities and scientific issues relating to the health of marine wildlife and the marine ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest and North American Pacific Ocean.

They also provide critical review of pre-proposals and full proposals submitted to the SeaDoc Society Competitive Grants program.

Members are appointed in recognition of the prominence they have achieved in their careers, and for their efforts on behalf of ecosystem health in the Salish Sea region.

Gary GreeneGary Greene
Marine Geologist
Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
California State University
San Jose, California
Martin HaulenaMartin Haulena
Veterinarian, Vancouver Aquarium
Vancouver, British Columbia
Christine JohnsonChristine Kreuder Johnson
Veterinary Epidemiologist
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
Davis, California
Kerry NaishKerry Naish
Conservation Geneticist
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington
David NysewanderDavid Nysewander
Senior Marine Bird Biologist
Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (ret.)
Olympia, WA
Wayne PalssonWayne Palsson
Fish Biologist
NOAA Fisheries
Seattle, WA
Peter RossPeter Ross
Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Pollution Science Program
Vancouver, British Columbia
Kenneth SebensKenneth Sebens
Marine Ecologist
Friday Harbor Laboratories
University of Washington
Friday Harbor, WA
Joanna SmithJoanna Smith
Senior Scientist
Birdsmith Ecological Research
British Columbia, Canada
Jane WatsonJane Watson
Marine Ecologist
Malaspina University-College
Nanaimo, British Columbia
Trina WellmanKatherine (Trina) Wellman
Marine Environmental Economist
Northern Economics
Bellingham, WA

Past Scientific Advisory Committee Members

Mart Gross
Conservation biologist
University of Toronto
Ontario, Canada

Sam Ridgway
Naval Ocean Systems Center
San Diego, CA

Linda Lowenstine
School of Veterinary Medicine
UC Davis

Glenn Van Blaricom
Marine ecologist
School of Fisheries
University of Washington

Terrie Klinger
Marine biologist
Friday Harbor Marine Laboratories
University of Washington

Richard Osborne
Marine biologist
Director of Research,
The Whale Museum
Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA

Edward Melvin
Washington Sea Grant
Seattle, WA

Dennis Willows
Marine biologist
Director, Friday Harbor Laboratories
University of Washington

Michael Stoskopf
Wildlife Veterinarian
North Carolina State University

Jacques White
The Nature Conservancy
Seattle, WA

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