The WildLifers Club

The SeaDoc Society’s WildLifers Club recognizes the extraordinarily generous individuals, families, businesses and foundations that support our programs with gifts of over $1,000 in a year. The WildLifers are the backbone of our program. Please join us in celebrating and honoring their generosity and leadership.

Steve Alboucq
Kerry Dyson Allen
William and Valerie Anders
Bailey and Carter Families
Wally and Josie Barrow
Roy and Susan Beaton
Helen Bee and Carl De Boor
Audrey Benedict
Ed and Barbie Benshoof
Barbara Bentley and Glenn Prestwich
John and Peggy Bigelow
John Bric and Alison Weir
Sidney Brinckerhoff
Barbara Brown
Sandy Buckley
Matthew Burkley
Kevin Campion
Tom and Sonya Campion
Alicia and Jeff Carnevali
Mariann & Ken Carrasco
Loren Ceder
Mary Clure and Michael Murray
Robin Shurtleff Coates and Norman Coates
Bruce and Marty Coffey
Compass Wines
Betty Corbett
Chuck Curry and Molly Davenport
Kevin and Mary Daniels
Barbara and David Evans
Arthur Dehaan and Lili Hein
Laura and Jim Donald
Dick and Lauren Donner
Phil and Karen Drayer
Nick and Julie Eitel
Wayne and JoAnn English
Gene and Judy Flath
Bill and Susan Fletcher
John and Joan Fletcher
Alan and Lisbeth Fritzberg
Jacqueline Gilardi
Malcolm Goodfellow
Richard and Cindi Gould
Phil Green
Frank Greer and Stephanie Solien
Jack and Lindy Groban
Wally and Susan Gudgell
Richard and Deborah Hansen
Phyllis Henigson
Linda Henry & Pam Loew
Bill and Lannie Hoglund
Frank and Karla Horwitz
Krekow Jennings Inc.
Jeff and Angie Johnson
Steve Jung
Elise Fortin and Richard Keck*
Grant Kirby*
Chris and Holly Knapp
Martha Kongsgaard and Peter Goldman
Read and Marianne Langenbach
Kevin and Nancy Loomis
Jeanne Luce
Carol and Max Lyons
Ken Machtley and Cathy Siegismund
Jerry Masters
Don and Melinda McCoy
Kathy McDowell
Stewart and Barbara Mehlman
Jerry and Ann Moss
Cameron and Linda Myhrvold
Lisa and Scott Neal
Si and Lisa Newland
Kelly Nimtz*
Odie and Trina Olson
John and Rita Onsum
Pacific Catalyst/Bill and Shannon Bailey
Will and Eleanor Parks
Mark and Diane Paxton
Ingrid Rasch
Adam Rhodes
Bryce Rhodes
Emery Rhodes
Win Rhodes
Dave Roberts
Stuart and Lee Rolfe
Barbara Rosenkotter and Tye Tyson
Satterberg Foundation
Jeff Seely and Kim Brown Seely
Cory and Rochelle Severson
Slim and Mimi Sommerville
Anne Stoltz*
Tom and Brenda Stonecipher
Dean and Audrey Stupke
Craig Tall
Sam & Julia Thoron
Craig Weakley and Claudia Peters
John and Maia Vechey
Ken and Kathy Weisenburger
Chic and Kathy Wilson
Craig, Janet and Matthew Wingert
H.S. Wright III and Kate Janeway
WWW Foundation
Martha Wyckoff
Michael Yeaman and Deborah Nichols


* To specially recognize people who have advanced the SeaDoc Society and its mission, not just with their pocketbooks but with their extraordinary time, effort, energy and enthusiasm, we have designated a category of WildLifer member, the Honorary WildLifer. Honorary WildLifers are lifelong members who enjoy all the same benefits of membership, without the commitment to support annually at the $1,000 level.

SeaDoc Society WildLifers enjoy unique benefits:

  • A unique thank you gift
  • Recognition on the SeaDoc website and in WildLifer promotional materials (optional; please let us know if you would prefer anonymity)
  • Additional regular updates from SeaDoc Scientists and Board members
  • Unique opportunities to join SeaDoc in the field or to meet SeaDoc Society scientists

SeaDoc Society WildLifers have just one responsibility: to continue to show and share their enthusiasm for the SeaDoc Society! Tell your friends about SeaDoc and why it’s worthy of your support; display a SeaDoc decal in your car, boat, or office/business window; or proudly wear your SeaDoc cap!

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