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“Deep Dive” the art exhibit at San Juan Islands Museum of Art

  • San Juan Island Community Theater (map)

This is a satellite event of “Deep Dive: the exhibit” an art exhibit at San Juan Islands Museum of Art which uses art as a voice to illustrate the beauty and the challenges of the Salish Sea. The exhibit is open from June 14 to September 15, 2019.  “Deep Dive: the documentaries” showcases current documentaries about issues unique to the Salish Sea so that each person can decide for themselves how to protect what they love. Speakers are all associated with the making of the films or the art.

The event is pay as you can (suggested $25), with a $10 lunch ordered separately in advance. Register via San Juan Islands Museum of Art website.

Imagine South Beach on the West Side of San Juan Island during the summer of 2018.  A large group of whale people stood around a picnic table loaded with good food.  There was no fire because the air was already filled with smoke and the mood was a bit subdued. Tahlequah, the Southern Resident Killer Whale, had just let her baby go after carrying her around for 17 days in a grief procession watched by the entire world.  She was on TV every day and people were touched by her apparent emotions so like our own.  Then little J50 (aka Scarlet) appeared to be ailing and the summer filled itself with the realization that these whales are impacted by man-made stressors only we can fix.  Giles, a marine scientist with Wild Orca, Karin Roemers-Kleven, a whale advocate and Snow Seychelle, a free diver with PNWProtectors, talked about how they could help educate more people about the plight of these iconic whales.  The idea unfolded to let art be a voice for change and educate people about the ecosystem and the plight of the whales through a multidimensional experience in the renowned San Juan Islands Museum of Art.

A proposal to the Board of SJIMA was accepted but with one caveat: the exhibit needed to take place in the summer of 2019 because the whales are out of time. Museum staff oversaw artist selection, art procurement, marketing and fund raising.  A subcommittee of whale advocates helped write the story line. As each visitor walks through the exhibit, they will see beautiful art that describes the intricacies of the ecosystem of the Salish Sea. They will learn about how the two ecotypes of Orcas in the Salish Sea differ and what stressors affect the fish eaters the most.  Along with music by local composer Alex Shapiro they will experience what makes this area so unique and hopefully be inspired to help protect these fragile waters in their own way by making small changes in how they use the earth and the ocean.

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“Deep Dive: the documentaries” is a satellite event of “Deep Dive: the exhibit”. It will be held on July 13 at the San Juan Island Community Theater from 9:30 AM to 5 PM. 

Science will be interspersed with visual, musical, dance and poetic art to create a unique learning experience about the beauty and the challenges of the Salish Sea. Two brand-new documentaries will be shown!“Artifishal” is a documentary about fish farms and hatcheries and their impact on native salmon species.“Dammed to Extinction” is describing the issues related to the loss of free-flowing rivers and subsequent depletion of salmon. Short videos made by the Seattle Times describing current issues with the Southern Resident Killer Whales may be shown. Ballet dancers from the Pacific Northwest Ballet have created a beautiful video called APEX describing the plight of the Orcas through dance.Short trailers will highlight the work of up and coming videographers who spent time on San Juan Island last summer and the trailer for the film “Fading Sounds” by local high school student Blake Budwill will be featured. At the end of the day we will wrap up with positive changes already made on a state level and positive actions we as individuals can choose to make our ecosystem healthy again.