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Leo Henderson makes a dash for the water. Photo by Robin Lindsey

May 2015 Update

In this issue: Tufted Puffin recovery efforts made possible by small group of SeaDoc donors, rehabilitated Steller sea lion released and tracked, successful book … [Read More...]

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Thor Hansen on Feathers

Thor Hansen's award-winning book, "Feathers," provides the basis for this engaging lecture on birds and the way humans have used and studied feathers through recorded history.

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Leo Henderson makes a dash for the water. Photo by Robin Lindsey

Tracking “Leo Henderson,” a Steller sea lion pup

What do we learn from stranded marine mammals - and from tracking them after they are rehabilitated and released? In short, a lot! Over the past few months, SeaDoc partnered with multiple other organizations to help a young Steller sea lion pup that stranded off the coast of Washington State. The effort has required complicated decisions about how to best provide care and release the animal back into the wild. Steller sea lion pups nurse for about a year and have been known to stay with … [Read More...]

give big 2015

GiveBIG to SeaDoc on May 5

You're awesome! Thanks for jumping in to the biggest one-day giving event in the Pacific Northwest and making a BIG impact on the health of the Salish Sea! On Tuesday, May 5 (and not before!) make a secure donation to the SeaDoc Society with this link: Your donation will be stretched by the partial challenge match from The Seattle Foundation. Plus every donation has a chance to be one of 5 Golden Tickets, which earns … [Read More...]

SeaDoc killer whale stranding research referenced for Northern California stranding

In April 2015 a dead male orca stranded near Fort Bragg, California. In an article about the stranding, the Lost Coast Outpost referred to the rarity of finding dead orcas. "A 2013 study analyzing North Pacific killer-whale strandings back to 1925 noted that, "while orcas are some of the most widely distributed whales on Earth, very few dead ones are ever found." That 2013 study is our Spatial and temporal analysis of killer whale (Orcinus orca) strandings in the North Pacific Ocean and the … [Read More...]

seal response

April 2015 Update

In this issue: Can diseases really impede Salish Sea recovery? Multiple impacts of energy transportation projects. SeaDoc recognized in new children's book on ocean health. UC Davis Vet School is #1. Novel program to remove derelict crab pots featured in film. … [Read More...]

tank cars by j gaydos

SeaDoc helps Coast Salish Tribes and First Nations study multiple impacts of energy projects

People talk about a new coal terminal. Others about a new pipeline. Some worry about increased shipment of crude oil by rail. But what’s the cumulative impact of all the energy projects being proposed for the Salish Sea? That’s the question that was addressed at a recent meeting of the Coast Salish Gathering, where SeaDoc scientist Joe Gaydos and Swinomish Tribal biologist Jamie Donatuto discussed a study they undertook last year. Between coal terminals, oil pipeline terminals, liquefied … [Read More...]

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Basking shark copyright Florian Graner. Used with permission.

Tracking Transboundary Trouble

How do you know if your ecosystem is in trouble? One clue is the number of species that are in decline or endangered. If that number gets bigger over time, you’re probably heading in the wrong direction. Publications We publish our Species of Concern … [Read More...]

Live Stranded Killer Whale in Hawaii, Photo courtesy of Jessica Aschettino, NOAA/NMFS/PIRO Permit #932-1489-09

Killer Whale Necropsy Protocol (2014)

Killer whale strandings are rare events and biologists and veterinarians should use every stranding as an opportunity to learn more about this species. This necropsy and disease testing protocol, first published in 2005 and updated in 2014, will provide guidelines … [Read More...]

Sunflower Sea star (1)

Sea Star Wasting Disease

Update November 17 2014 SeaDoc was among dozens of collaborators that recently published a paper linking a virus to sea star wasting disease. The paper showed that a virus was involved in the massive outbreak that, since June 2013, has killed millions of sea … [Read More...]

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