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by jared towers

November 2014 Update

In this issue: Avoid the rush - order your Salish Sea book now; What's a 50+ year old bird band doing on an Eastsound beach? Sea star wasting disease update; How do … [Read More...]

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Gary Davis on the History of Saving the Oceans

Gary Davis, a former scientist with the National Park Service, was one of the "Aquanauts" who lived underwater on the continental shelf in the 1960s. He's also the originator of the Great Annual Fish Count, and a long-time SeaDoc board member.

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gull with sea star

Gulls switch to trash-diet as fish stocks run low

Joe Gaydos was quoted in a New Scientist article about the implications of diet changes for gulls. In a recently published paper (find a link to it in the New Scientist article, below), UBC's Louise Blight and collaborators looked at feather samples to understand how gull diets have changed over the past 149 years. The results show that as the birds' diets have changed from fish to more garbage, the result has been population declines and lower fertility in glaucous-winged gulls. Overfishing … [Read More...]


SeaDoc welcomes two new board members

This month SeaDoc welcomes two new board members, Ingrid Rasch and Dave Roberts. Ingrid Rasch is a community activist and non-profit volunteer. She currently chairs the board of Earth Economics, a non-profit that focuses on rigorous analysis of the value of natural systems. In her career she was VP of Human Resources for Sonus Pharmaceuticals and Senior VP of Human Resources at the $10+ billion Stop & Shop Supermarket Company. She also led the first human resources department at Microsoft. … [Read More...]

Bird band found on Eastsound beach in 2014

What’s a 50+ year old bird band doing on an Eastsound beach?

A few weeks back our friend Trey Vore showed up at the SeaDoc office with a metal bird band he'd found on the beach in Eastsound. The band read "Advise Wildlife Service. Write Washington DC USA." And it had a number on it. (Oddly enough, though, no web address...) Joe Gaydos knows just what to do with this kind of thing, and he reported the band on the US Geological Survey website. Turns out the band had been put on a California Gull at some location south of a town called … [Read More...]

salish sea book

Pre-order The Salish Sea: Jewel of the Pacific Northwest

Exciting news! SeaDoc's new book about the Salish Sea, written by Audrey DeLella Benedict and Joe Gaydos, is now available for pre-order. Head on down to your local independent bookstore and ask them to pre-order you a copy of The Salish Sea: Jewel of the Pacific Northwest, ISBN 978-1570619854. … [Read More...]

whales grooming

Video: You’ve never seen killer whales like this before

If you love killer whales, take 10 minutes and watch this video podcast from NOAA Fisheries. NOAA and the Vancouver Aquarium teamed up to photograph Northern Resident Killer Whales from an unmanned aerial vehicle (with the proper permits, of course). The footage and the photographs are beautiful, but when you watch the video you'll see how much information scientists are able to gather just by looking at these high-resolution photographs. You'll learn how to identify whales that … [Read More...]


Stewards of the Deep: Underwater monitoring in The Islands’ Sounder

Colleen Armstrong of The Islands' Sounder wrote about SeaDoc's collaboration with divers from the Reef Environmental Education Foundation ( on the front page of the paper. The story included links to REEF's database where you can see detailed findings, including color images of creatures found, for different locations and areas. … [Read More...]

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