Bears and Barnacles: The Land - Sea Connection

bear cub eating barnacles-Jim Braswell



Why make a list of all the birds and mammals that depend on the Salish Sea? Joe Gaydos explains. (1:18)


Part 2: Why has this never been done before?


In Part 3, Joe talks about:

  • the challenges in assembling the list,
  • how it can help scientists (including SeaDoc's own Dr. Nacho Vilchis),
  • how the list indicates when and how heavily different species use the ecosystem,
  • how they tracked down citations for each and every species, and how fox and beaver have been shown to use the intertidal zones.

At about minute 4:30 Joe talks about how the tidal marsh beavers not only use the marine resources, but also contribute to the health of salmon populations. Pretty interesting stuff.

Click to see a picture of a beaver dam in the Skagit River delta.

Get the Checklist

We've created a printable checklist of all the bird and mammal species that depend on the Salish Sea.

Download a copy

You can print the checklist on two sides of a single sheet of paper and take it with you on your travels.

Read the scientific paper

Click here to go to the citation page where you can find a link to the scientific paper.

The Photographer

Big thanks to Jim Braswell for sharing his extraordinary images. Please visit Jim's nature photography site at where you can see more of his photographs and learn about his photography & photo editing workshops. 

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