SeaDoc Science Advisor Peter Ross leads a new ocean pollution initiative

Photo: Neil Fisher and Vancouver Aquarium

Photo: Neil Fisher and Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium announced in February the launch of its new Ocean Pollution Science Program. The program will conduct critically important research on the sources and consequences of ocean pollution. Dr. Peter Ross, a scientist with 25 years of experience in marine pollution research, will lead the program. Dr. Ross is also a long-time SeaDoc Society Science Advisor. In that capacity he has helped shape SeaDoc's research agenda and our transboundary initiatives with Canadian scientists.

"Threats to ocean health include urban and industrial effluents, runoff from forestry and agriculture, oil and gas shipping and exploration, plastics and debris, and climate change," says Dr. Ross. "Understanding the nature and extent of these threats provide a crucial basis for policies and practices that will protect ocean health for future generations. Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Pollution Science Program will conduct international-caliber scientific research on ocean pollution—and provide comprehensive and authoritative information for individuals, communities and countries." The Program will help inform partners and stakeholders in the science, government and private sectors on the health of our oceans.

"This is an area of study that must not be overlooked," says Dr. Ross. "By launching this program, we're meeting immediate scientific, conservation and education needs. The Aquarium is stepping up to the plate on an issue that is often vexing and complex but also worthy of dedicated research."

For more, visit the Ocean Pollution Science Program's web page at the Vancouver Aquarium site.