Responding to a Seal Pup Stranding With SeaDoc Intern Lizzy Ashley (VIDEO)

With summer in full swing, we’re excited to introduce the newest addition to our office, Lizzy Ashley, who is monitoring the Marine Mammal Stranding Network as our summer intern!

Lizzy recently graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in Ecology and Biology with a marine emphasis and has long held a dual interest in wildlife veterinary medicine and marine science/conservation.

Prior to joining our team, she had experience doing field research on loggerhead sea turtles at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and also worked on health and behavior of Diamondback terrapins as it relates to sea level rise.

Team SeaDoc (and Lizzy herself!) can’t thank Jim and Laura Donald enough for providing her housing this summer. The internship would not be possible without it!

If you see Lizzy around through August, say hi! And if you come upon a stranded pup, call the hotline at 800-562-8832.

Note: the pup in this video, tagged “XO,” was relocated and has not yet been spotted again. Harbor seals are not endangered, and it’s understood that not all pups will survive.