Rob Williams named as 2015 PEW Marine Fellow


Canadian scientist Dr. Rob Williams, a past SeaDoc-funded scientist, has been named as a 2015 Pew Marine Fellow. Williams is a marine conservation scientist with the Oceans Initiative and Oceans Research & Conservation Association. The prestigious award will support Williams' effort to identify solutions to reduce ocean noise in important marine habitats. Evidence shows that ocean noise caused by people is doubling every decade, and the effects of this increased noise on sea creatures are not well understood.

Learn more about Rob's work on ocean noise.

Williams is one of five distinguished scientists and conservationists from Canada, Australia, Russia, and the United Kingdom to be named a 2015 recipient of the Pew fellowship in marine conservation. For more on the Pew marine fellows, visit their website.

The SeaDoc Society funded Dr. Williams' study to determine if the accidental capture of porpoise and dolphins by commercial fishermen in British Columbia was impacting the health of these populations. Williams was also a co-investigator on a SeaDoc-funded study by Dr. Erin Ashe to use photo identification to study the population dynamics of Pacific white-sided dolphins.

Here's a video from Pew about Rob's work: