SeaDoc Christens New Boat, the Nancy Bee

Last year Steve Alboucq and Josie and Wally Barrow donated a beautiful 15-foot Boston Whaler to SeaDoc. Yesterday we had the pleasure of christening her the “Nancy Bee” in honor of Steve’s late wife and Wally and Josie’s daughter Nancy, who died a few years ago. Nancy loved the ocean, was a SeaDoc volunteer, a beach naturalist, a KWIAT volunteer, loved SeaDoc’s summer interns and loved bees and other pollinators. Now her boat namesake will safely carry SeaDoc interns for summers and summers to come.

SeaDoc Board member Rochelle Severson and Barb Clever cooked up a storm and hosted the event. We ate Fresh Thai veggie rolls, Thai basil wrapped shrimp with sweet chili sauce, pork, scallop and shrimp su man, kibosh with sumac and yogurt cheer labna, vegan butternut soup with bacon and parmesan, focaccia flat bread with all the fixings and goat cheese and crab kisses. Now that’s how you christen a boat.

We are eternally grateful to Steve Albouq and Josie and Wally Barrow for donating the Nancy Bee and to Rochelle and Barb for hosting a wonderful evening. It takes a lot of supporters and donors to make SeaDoc’s good work happen and we appreciate it all. Thank you!