SeaDoc helps commercial crabbers recover 550 pots in California

The California Lost Fishing Gear Recovery Project (a self-sustaining project of the SeaDoc Society that operates without any donated funds), got a nice write-up in the Del Norte Triplicate. Kirsten Gilardi, SeaDoc's executive director, and Jen Renzullo, the field manager for the lost gear project, were featured for their innovative work where north coast crab fishermen are actually recovering lost crab pots and turning a profit by selling the pots back to their original owners.

Read the full article or get more of the story on the UC Davis website.

“The most exciting thing about this project is that the fishermen themselves are taking the lead,” said Kirsten Gilardi, director of the California Lost Fishing Gear Recovery Project, a program of the SeaDoc Society, which is part of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. “They are mobilizing the fishermen to participate, conducting all the transactions of funds and gear, and even realizing financial benefits for their hard work to clean the ocean.”

More coverage can be found at California Sea Grant News.



Banner photo: Jennifer Renzullo of SeaDoc’s California Lost Fishing Gear Recovery Project heads out to sea with fishermen from Eureka to collect lost crabbing gear. Photo courtesy of J. Cox.