The Refuse-to-Use Water Bottle & Coffee Cup Challenge


In an effort to bring attention to the massive amount of paper and plastic waste we all produce in single-use beverage containers, The SeaDoc Society and the Orcas Exchange invite you to participate in the 2017 Refuse-To-Use Orcas Water Bottle & Coffee Cup Challenge!

It’s easy to play: Promise not use any single-use coffee cups or water bottles in 2017, and instead use your favorite reusable containers. Then try not to lose those containers ALL YEAR. Manage that, and win prizes from SeaDoc and The Exchange!*

Follow these steps to participate:

  1. Take a photo of your favorite reusable coffee cup, water bottle, or both (extra points for including a furry friend in the pic).
  2. Upload the photo to your Facebook page, tell your friends what you are up to, and challenge your friends to participate.
  3. Tag “The Exchange/ORS” or “The SeaDoc Society” and include the hash tag #RefuseToUseOrcas so we can keep track of entries.
  4. Make sure the privacy is set to “public” so we can see it, and then click “post.”
  5. Posts must be up by midnight, March 1, 2017.
  6. Next is the easy step—reuse your bottle and/or cup all year long!
  7. Between December 1, and December 15th 2017, follow the steps above, posting a new pic of your well-worn, well-traveled container(s) to complete the challenge. Final pics must be posted by Midnight, December 15th.

Only entries posted by midnight March 1, with subsequent December posting will be considered eligible for prizes. Winners and prizes will be announced at the end of December! To receive two cool, free stickers for your reusable container, sign up for the SeaDoc newsletter at

  • *Gifts are limited to residents of Orcas Island—but we hope this promotion goes viral! It beats dumping ice water on your head…
  • What the gifts actually are has yet to be determined… but they will be super cool, not terribly valuable, and environmentally friendly!
  • We realize there are lots of ways to game the system here so we are going to count on the honor system. We will check date stamps on image files, and compare the before-and-after pics to see if the containers match. ORS/SeaDoc retain the right to award or withhold prizes to anyone.