Introducing Salish Sea Wild!


Join the adventure and explore the Pacific Northwest’s most amazing ecosystem with wildlife veterinarian Joe Gaydos and Team SeaDoc.

Traveling from the salmon streams born in snow-capped mountains to the rich upwellings of the Pacific Ocean, our team will encounter the wildlife—the iconic orcas, giant octopus, ancient rockfish, precocious sea lions, and the bears, seabirds and other captivating creatures—that depend on this diverse environment.

We’ll partner with the scientists advancing our knowledge of these natural wonders and learn how we can all work to preserve our precious emerald sea.

It’s going to be fun, fascinating, and oh yeah: it’s gonna be wild!

Attend the debut on Orcas Island Jan 9th. View the Facebook event.


Steller Sea Lions: Grizzlies of the Sea



Stellers are the world’s largest species of sea lion. Early observers called them sea lions because the males grow large, furry manes, but when we compare these top predators to land animals, we think of them as the grizzlies of the sea. In our debut episode of Salish Sea Wild, the team heads up to Hornby Island on a frigid winter week to dive with dozens of these magnificent creatures.


Voyage to the Bottom of the Salish Sea



In this episode, Joe Gaydos and Team SeaDoc embark on a week of deep-sea exploration in the Salish Sea where they break a world record and make observations never before recorded by scientists.

To reach depths beyond the range of scuba divers, the SeaDoc Society partnered with the OceanGate Foundation and Friday Harbor Labs to bring a manned submersible, the Cyclops 1, to San Juan Island. Cyclops carries our researchers to the bottom in search of hidden food webs and the mysterious habitat of one of our most important fish. But will it carry Joe?

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Written and produced by Bob Friel.


The Risky Business of Saving Seabirds



Dark nights, treacherous seas and tiny boats: Team Seadoc takes science to the edge to help save one of the most remarkable endangered species in the Salish Sea--because sometimes even the superhero of seabirds needs our help.

Written and produced by Bob Friel.

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Zee Undersea World of Jeaux Gaydeaux



After watching our first three episodes of Salish Sea Wild, it’s obvious that SeaDoc Science Director Joe Gaydos is a natural television star. Word has spread that he might even be the next Jacques Cousteau, so a French documentary crew flew in to shoot a mini behind-the-scenes documentary on Joe and Salish Sea Wild.

We’re sure it all went smoothly and that they didn’t observe any bloopers, blunders or any personality quirks that Joe didn’t want shown on camera. And no way did they catch him singing.

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