SCUBA Divers: help us understand the economic impact of recreational diving in Washington State

The SeaDoc Society is interested in better understanding the values and perspectives of SCUBA in Washington State and the economic impacts it provides.

While diving conditions may not resemble those of the tropics, Washington State provides some of the most spectacular diving in the United States. The flora and fauna and seafloor topography of this area are sensational.

However, there is little, if any, information regarding the economic impacts that this recreational sector provides the state of Washington.

This survey is designed to ask pertinent questions needed to characterize the role of SCUBA in Puget Sound to the Washington State economy.

The information generated from this survey will help inform effective coastal and marine resource management and policy decision making. For purposes of this survey, the area of interest is the inland waters of Washington State from Cape Flattery to Olympia including the San Juan Islands, Point Roberts and associated waters.

Information is requested for the year 2014. If you dove in Puget Sound in 2014, please consider filling out the survey.

This work is funded by private donations to the SeaDoc Society.