SeaDoc presents to Federal Marine Protected Areas Committee


On June 3, 2015, in Tacoma, Washington, SeaDoc Society Board Chair Dr. Leslie Dierauf shared the mission, goals, and achievements of SeaDoc’s Salish Sea program with the U. S. Federal Advisory Committee on Marine Protected Areas at its annual meeting. Comprised of citizens with diverse marine environmental expertise from private and public sectors, the 20-person advisory committee was chartered by presidential Executive Order in 2000 to advise the Secretaries of Interior and Commerce on issues concerning a national system of marine protected areas and other matters relating to place-based ocean stewardship.

The committee’s current charge includes providing advice on ecological connectivity and on sustainable external funding opportunities.

The SeaDoc Society’s experiences provided models of both private funding and of translating ecological science on connectivity into private and public policies.

Improving ocean health is a team endeavor. No single organization, agency, or even nation can effectively ensure ocean health alone. Nevertheless, small groups of dedicated people working cooperatively can positively influence conditions for ocean wildlife and improve efforts to sustain healthy oceans.