Office Manager

SeaDoc is growing!

The view from the SeaDoc office.

The view from the SeaDoc office.

That's right! Over the last 16 years, SeaDoc has operated like a highly efficient small start-up. Thanks to the support of people like you, we've accomplished a lot, but it seems the need for science to help heal the Salish Sea is outpacing our ability to deliver. It’s time to grow!

We're currently looking for a new full-time Regional Director to work hand-in-hand with Dr. Joe Gaydos, who will soon be able to dedicate himself fully to his important role as our Chief Scientist. The Regional Director will work under the guidance of Kirsten Gilardi and UC Davis to help lead and manage SeaDoc's work to improve the health of marine wildlife and the ecosystem.

We’re seeking an individual with experience running a research institute, non-profit or university unit. He or she should have demonstrated success in leadership and development, a solid understanding of science and the critical role it plays in conservation, and most of all, a passion for oceans, marine ecosystems and the goods and services that oceans provide the world.

"I couldn't be more excited about our growth," said Joe Gaydos, current Regional Director and Chief Scientist. "We need to increase our capacity if we're going to stay ahead of the issues facing the Salish Sea. Splitting my current position into two will allow me to focus on the science and bring in somebody that can help us grow our impact."

Check out the complete position description. Please help us get the word out so we can find the perfect person for this job.