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VIDEO: Joe Shares SeaDoc's New Kids' Book on New Day Northwest

As you may already know, our Science Director Joe Gaydos co-wrote a kids’ book to engage the young people who will inherit the Salish Sea. He went live on KING5’s New Day Northwest Tuesday to talk about the book and the wonder of the Salish Sea as a whole. Learn more about the book and how you can help inspire the next generation at

Filled with beautiful photography and engaging stories, Explore the Salish Sea: A Nature Guide for Kids inspires children to explore the unique marine ecosystem that encompasses the coastal waters from Seattle’s Puget Sound up to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Georgia Strait of British Columbia.

Discover the Salish Sea and learn about its vibrant ecosystem in this engaging non-fiction narrative that inspires outdoor exploration. Filled with full-color photography, this book covers wildlife habitats, geodiversity, intertidal and subtidal sea life, and highlights what is unique to this Pacific Northwest ecosystem. The book was written by SeaDoc Science Director Joe Gaydos and board member Audrey Benedict.

Thank You for Giving 'Explore the Salish Sea' to Kids in Need

Thanks to all who have given copies of our new book to the young explorers who will inherit the Salish Sea! Your online contributions to our Indiegogo campaign plus a matching $5,000 donation from Karen and Phil Drayer and several generous donations that came in by mail have pushed us beyond our $20,000 goal!

We are so excited to share these books with children who might have otherwise been deprived of a chance to connect with the Salish Sea. If you haven’t had a chance to buy a book for a child in need, visit the book page on our website to see how you can support.

We promised a shout-out to all who donated five books or more. Deep thanks from all of us here at Team SeaDoc to all who got behind this campaign!

  • Karen and Phillip Drayer
  • Martha Kongsgaard and Peter Goldman
  • Kathy Dickinson McDowell
  • Wally and Susan Gudgell
  • Debra Cederbaum
  • Heather and Ron Rosenberg
  • Betty Corbett
  • Ivan Reiff
  • Audrey Benedict
  • Rochelle and Cory Severson
  • Janice Sears
  • Kerry Dyson Allen
  • Susan Alter
  • Brian Ehrmantraut and Moana Kutsche
  • Janice D'Amato
  • Kit Wright
  • Ken and Mariann Carrasco
  • Janet Alderton
  • Markus Naugle
  • Kate Janeway and H.S. Wright III
  • Audrey and Dean Stupke
  • Mollie and Glenn Anthony
  • Valerie Rockefeller
  • Nancy Liebermann
  • Sound Action
  • David Hall
  • Colleen Broughton
  • Brian Riddell
  • Alissa Elderkin
  • Wally and Josie Barrow
  • Nicole Hehn
  • Larry Soll and Nancy Maron
  • Harvey Himelfarb and Alice Swan
  • Kirsten and Jamie Gilardi
  • Bob and Sandi Friel
  • Tegan Tigani
  • Trude Wright
  • Jennifer and Kevin Lassahn
  • Bob Dash and Ranna McNeil
  • Charlotte and Joel Gaydos
  • Sara Jane Johnson
  • Susan and Mike Briddell
  • Wendolyn Michnay
  • Chris Moench and Jennifer Hahn
  • Carl Johansen and Judy Chapman
  • Meggen Chadsey
  • Annie Jost DeKay
  • Mary and Gil Masters
  • Stu and Patsy Stephens
  • Pam Loew and Linda Henry
  • Leslie Dierauf and Jim Hurley
  • Bert and Sue Webber
  • Angel Braestrup
  • JoAnn and Wayne English
  • (Updating as donations continue to come in)